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    Business News

    Luggage companies improve product profits, effective methods are differentiated

    At present, under the current market situation where homogenization products exist in abundance, how can China's luggage enterprises improve product profits and seize market share? The effective way is to take the road of differentiation. As far as the luggage industry is concerned, taking the differentiated road requires the luggage companies to make more efforts in design style, brand building and sales channels, not only to produce products with novel styles and quality*, but also to diversify the sales channels of products.

    At this stage, China's luggage enterprises can realize differentiated production of product functions from the aspects of category and design. However, if the luggage companies establish their brand boundaries by giving them a unique brand personality, it is also a breakthrough point for a very important differentiated road.

    With the increasing competition in the market, the branding trend of the luggage industry is becoming more and more obvious. Due to the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards have improved, consumption levels have been continuously upgraded, and luggage consumption has also quietly changed. In the past, you may only value the practical functions of luggage, but now you are more concerned about the brand effect of luggage. Can it reflect its own identity and taste, and it does not conform to its own personality, so China's luggage companies are increasingly valued. Brand.

    After years of development in China's luggage industry, the entire market is becoming more mature, and consumers are becoming more and more rational. Consumers are becoming more and more critical after accepting the baptism of early counterfeit and shoddy products. They are beginning to resist poor quality products, pay attention to brands, and pay attention to quality. All of this is conducive to the development of the luggage industry towards branding.

    Some insiders believe that from the perspective of luggage companies, China's luggage manufacturing level is not bad, the difference is the product's premium ability, which is the brand's soft power. The direct cost of many *boxes abroad, including raw materials and manufacturing costs, will not exceed 10% of the selling price. Just because of the brand, they only sold high prices. This needs to be reflected in the Chinese luggage companies.

    In addition, the sales channels of luggage products in China also need to be diversified. At present, the traditional sales channels of China's luggage products are mainly large distribution channels of large wholesale. Facts have proved that this kind of channel can play some positive effects on luggage companies in the early days, but as time goes by, such channels are gradually falling behind, and even become obstacles restricting the further development of luggage enterprises. Under this circumstance, China's luggage enterprises must adopt a composite channel route, and multiple channels, such as agent channel mode, flat channel mode (chain operation), e-commerce channel mode, etc., through different channels, the product is presented in more In front of many consumers, increase product sales and increase corporate profits.

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